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Originally Posted by 46Tbird View Post
I would like to see the next Mustang be a little smaller. It wouldn't hurt my feelings to see it shed 400lbs and keep the current drivetrain options.

However, if it ends up looking like a vague wannabe Scion Xc, Hyundai Genesis, Subaru BRZ, Nissan 370Z, or Honda Veloster I'm gonna puke. The '74-78 and '94-04 Mustangs were a disaster because Ford was convinced they needed to make the Mustang more like an import. They're the crappy cars that made "retro" work so well for the S197s. I'm not a doom-and-gloom guy, but I do see the '05-14 cars being fondly remembered.

Just stick with the plan, Ford. Make the styling distinctive, handsome, and aggressive; offer a V8 under the hood; and keep a lot of options on the sheet so that everyone can afford a bada$$ car for their budget.
I guess I never thought my 04 Cobra was "more like an import". Those two big fart cans out the back must have been the deciding factor.

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