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Originally Posted by downwardspiral View Post
I was always told to never use HID's as brights because they aren't really brighter than your regular lights until they warm up.
HID bulbs take all of 0.1 seconds to warm up, unless there is a problem with the circuit or bulb itself.

Originally Posted by Tim13 View Post
I didn't know that. Is that why you often see a car at night with one head light wagging up and down with the bumps in the road? Is that a HID with a broken motor?
Broken motor or linkage, not terribly uncommon. I've had a few Mercedes customers with this issue, thankfully they bottom out in a more-or-less straight ahead position so they aren't pointing straight up or down.

I did have one car where someone tried to fix it themselves by shoving something inside and ended up jamming it. The most retarded thing I have ever seen, car had a crazy eye when it pulled into the service lane!
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