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Originally Posted by Grimace427 View Post
You are correct to assume there is more wear going on when first lighting off an HID bulb. The ignitor basically hits the bulb with up to 25kv then drops down(don't know exactly how much, maybe a few hundred to 1kv) once the bulb is lit. I don't suggest you be an ass and flash everyone on the road but I don't think you will see a noticeable loss of lifespan from the bulbs from normal use.

edit: I've never tried holding the stalk back when the headlights are off so I will check that out tonight.
Yeah I don't do it often, but I feel like every time I do it, I'm giving the bulbs the paddles are something. Massvie paranoia.

Yeah check it out, all 2010+ HIDs do it I think. I think it's stupid.
Originally Posted by Tim13 View Post
I didn't know that. Is that why you often see a car at night with one head light wagging up and down with the bumps in the road? Is that a HID with a broken motor?

Umm.. I suppose? Unlikely though, it's usually an aftermarket job that does that.
Originally Posted by downwardspiral View Post
I was always told to never use HID's as brights because they aren't really brighter than your regular lights until they warm up. I've never had them though, and don't really like them personally.. so I couldn't tell you firsthand.
They take .01 seconds to bright up.

@412 Horses. Ford even calls it "flash-to-pass" in the manual. My condolences for the idiot drivers in your area, but they are there for a reason, like letting someone in or, well, flashing to pass..

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