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Originally Posted by GM Convert View Post
Some people are just afraid of change. It doesn't matter how crappy what they currently have is, or how much better a new offering is, if it's different then they don't want it. I've never understood this mentality myself, but I still occasionally still see men with mullets, so I know that some people are just that way. To me, the way a car performs always comes first. Any improvement in general performance makes the car better in my opinion. I'll happily take an awesome performing car with bland looks over a lot of bling with no substance any day. If the next-gen Mustang looks a bit like an Aston Martin, that's fine with me, as long as the performance is there. What I don't want is for the next-gen Mustang to continue to handle like a pickup truck just because a tiny percentage of "purists" don't like change.
The S197 isn't quite a crappy car that handles like a pickup truck. That said, whether the next gen will be "better" or not, what we DO know is, a base 2015 GT will sticker somewhere north of $30,000. I don't think this will endear the car to it's core fans, nor will it make the car more attractive to new buyers seeking affordable performance.

Originally Posted by by9468840 View Post
As a European I don't understand why anyone is considering speaking of fuel economy when considering a mustang? It's as stupid as wondering buying a chain saw and wondering if it could make an espresso for you! Us Europeans only buy the mustang ( we pay close to $60000 for a premium GT today!) not because of its mpg or size or technology. Because of its iron fist sheer v8 power and its mechanics that make you feel the car as if its a part of your body and its American heritage.

The sad fact is, our government doesn't want us driving cars like the Mustang, anymore. New CAFE standards will require US fleets to average 50mph by 2025. Let that sink in for a moment. Compliance with these standards are going to result, soon, in far fewer high horsepower performance cars being made. Those that are sold, will do be sold at a hefty premium $$$. I'm afraid the days of the "affordable" muscle car are...(sadly) numbered.

These are the good old days.

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