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Originally Posted by Asphalt Cowboy View Post
I got my Mustang back last week in France, and I was amazed as soon as I drove off the port how the french went crazy over it. I stopped in Le Mans, where there is a track and where famous races happen from time to time; almost everyone on the streets were looking at me go by, some young guys went completely nuts screaming "It's a Mustang!", folks were taking photos and so on, it was really unbelievable! Even if I had some good comments when I was in the US, I've never seen this kind of behavior that I saw last week...
Since then, my Mustang has been sitting in my garage, but I'm sure it's gonna be the same again when I will come out again with it.

All I can say is: Ford will make good sales with the Mustang in Europe, if people have other choices than the V8, YerBuddysPony is right. But also if they keep that American look. In France, and I assume in Germany and other countries in Europe it's the same, they don't want a Mustang to look european, one of the reasons the Mustang is so popular in Europe, is because it's a true American Icon. Don't take this away Ford, or you'll screw up big time, and not only in Europe, but in America too.
I have similar experience in Europe with my 5.0. I’m based mainly in the UK but the car makes regular trips down to Spain.
The car gets huge attention wherever it goes, always positive. Bear in mind Mustangs are not rare over here but they certainly are not a common sight. They are perceived as hugely expensive to run (not true but that’s our secret) and expensive to buy, true - as importing a mustang to the UK costs as pretty much as much in GB pounds as US dollars in the states once you factor in taxes and compliance changes for UK regs. Another factor purely for the UK is the issue of LHD which puts many potential buyers off.

My fear is that if a ‘world car’ Mustang is produced Ford will instantly take away the iconic status the car has over here. I can’t think of anything worse than a 4 pot turbo coupe regardless of whether a V8 is on the options list. We will just end up with a pi**ing contest with BMW 1 and 3 series owners and let’s face it if it’s a lower cc engine, or god forbid a diesel, they will have won already simply in terms of quality of finish and handling.

At least at the moment when someone asks what car I drive the single word answer ‘Mustang’ has Kudos by the bucket load, in a 4 cylinder world that will be gone.

Ford don’t do it – or if you do at least call it Capri or Cougar.
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