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Originally Posted by ace72ace View Post
No hood struts? Everyone forgets these. I too did the MGW, DSS Shaft, and SS lines, I went with Goodridge. Are you going with Dot-4 ATE Super Blue? I was warned it would stain the stock plastic reservoir but I don't care.

I heard my buddy cursing a lot when installing the DSS under the car when I was putting the MGW up top. There was something about the bolts that was pissing him off that I can't recall. Don't forget to measure the shaft once the car is back on the ground, there is a warning on your instructions to do this. We measured at first when the car was still on the jacks and it was out of spec and I was saying, 'man, how could this be screwed up, I know we did this right' then we realized the car was still in the air with the rear axle hanging down. D'oh! :nogrinner

Also plan on doing the MGW same day as the shaft, as you will obviously have easier install with the shifter with the OEM shaft out of the way...

Here's a post I did on the MGW. I hear the design recently changed, but most of the info here should still be good.

How to install your MGW MT-82 Shifter & Heat Shield
nope i got hood strust...but i have zero concern about putting those in...

good info about the shaft, ill be getting rest of this stuff this week, so to take the edge off of not being to install anything ill be going over the instruction manuals a sh!t load of times.

how do you like the driveshaft, i went with it because it seems like they did thier homework WAY more then any of the others and from stuff i read their's did not have the annoying issues of the other companies...

i will for sure be doing the shifter same day as the shaf, in fact ill be taking a friday and monday off from, so ive got for full days to do everything...ill hope it takes no more then 3 so i haveva whole day to go mess around with the car.

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