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Originally Posted by hawkeye18 View Post

There is a shutter assembly controlled by a solenoid. The shutter comes in from the bottom part of the assembly to cut the top of the beam off. Trust me, it works that way.

When you flash the highs, the shutter is mechanically retracted by the solenoid to allow full beam projection.

The reason you see Hondas with wobbly lights is that in the olden days headlamp assemblies were mounted on bodies with plastic, which degrades, snaps, bends, etc. A lot of older cars do that.

The reason they flash is that the ballast is just giving the bulb the initial high-voltage zap (the arc). As you aren't really feeding that much current through the bulb that way, you aren't appreciably shortening its lifespan.
Yeah, this is what I thought. Isn't that what we were saying??
Originally Posted by glock22357 View Post
Flash-to-pass, as a driving technique, has been the standard forever. In Michigan, understanding how to flash-to-pass, from both sides of the situation, is part of getting your driver's license....and I would assume it is standard in most other states too, just not covered very well by instructors.

Flash-to-pass, as vehicular equipment, has been standard since at least the 1940s, in various forms.

I'm very saddened that some drivers don't seem to be knowledgable on this topic.
This ^^^ It's common knowledge where i come from too.
Originally Posted by tc151 View Post
The highest wear occurs when the HID lamp strikes an arc while still hot. Flashing to pass shouldn't put that much heat in the lamp so it shouldn't affect the life.
Hmm now I'm confused... who holds the correct answer?

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