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Originally Posted by Dodgeball View Post
Good afternoon,

I'm wondering whether anyone who has recently gone from 5 speed to 6 speed transmission felt there was any "learning curve" or "get the feel" curve in making the transition?

I own a 2010 GT 5 speed and pretty much love it. I just test drove a 2013 6 speed and while the engine is clearly better the tranmission...I didn't love.

It often seemed to require "one more shift" to get to any particular speed, and those shifts seemed to be at "inconvenient" you almost weren't going to need that shift but in the end you did need it. this just a matter of getting used to a different shift point? Did anyone else feel this way at first?


The first six speed that I drove was owned by a friend of mine, who owns an Acura. He was saying that switching from the five to six for him was different. He had a five speed Honda Prelude before that. It's the same thing for these cars. Fifth gear is the top street gear most of the time for me. Sixth is used if there is a steady stretch of road that you can cruise with traffic in front of you.

That being said, your 2010 is a nice setup. I had one, and although the engine may not have as much HP, it is a well balanced car. The 4.6 is a time tested engine that is incredibly dependable, and the last five speed which you have, is the best of the run. The extra gear for me is highly overrated with this setup. Although I like the car, the transmission gearing could be tweaked to make the extra gear mean something.


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