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Originally Posted by Theocletian View Post

Yeah, I do need a clean break. Just sucks because I dislike living alone. One of my female friends asked to be my roommate, but that is like a mini relationship.
Dude, **** that. Do not live with anyone, especially not a "friend" who's a girl. I just got out of a 3 year relationship 6 months ago and she broke up with me right before I was about to propose, and after I already booked a trip to Hawaii. She lived in Vegas and I lived in Phoenix the last year we were together, and I think she met someone else, big deal. I hope she's happy, she's a good girl. Point is, I feel for you. It's rough, but it gets easier and better.

What you need to do is the following: 1. Install a revolving door in your place 2. Buy some stock in Trojan 3. Plow the **** out of some hot ass broads.

I told myself I wouldn't ***** around too much, but man, it's too much of an ego boost to not do it. You'll be fine.

Furthermore, Mustang video, awesome. Taylor Swift, unacceptable. You probably though about your ex the whole time you made that video. Use some Pantera for that video, preferably Goddamn Electric, it is a much better representation of the baddassness of the Mustang and the amount of pelvic crushing you need to be doing to skanky hot *******.
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