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Originally Posted by duckbubbles View Post
One thing I don't like about the current crop of 6-speeds in the 5.0 is that 5th is 1:1 whereas 4th is 1:1 in the older 5-speed. So you have to make an extra shift to get to the same place. Maybe that is fine drag racing, but on the street it sure gets to be work.

I would always rather have had the '07-'10 Shelby GT500 6-speed, where 4th is 1:1, 5th is .8:1 and 6th is .6:1.
Maybe that's fine for the GT500 but the way the Coyote delivers power is drastically different then then 5.4L huff'ed modular. The MT82's gear ratios work extremely well with the engine's torque curve and gives you a real kick in the pants when you put the hammer down.

I've also heard lots of complaints on the boards about the Getrag 6-speed in the newer models.
Doesn't equate to everyone who has an MT82 though and just speaks for people on boards who typically come onto forums to express concerns or disappointment. Some people have awesome luck with it and others don't (Lethal Performance has a 100% factory MT82 and shifting assembly and is routinely powershifted with close to 700RWPH). That would be the same for any machine though.
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