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Originally Posted by Radioguy View Post
I wear the Bell BA SPORT MAG. I drove 300 miles on a road-course last summer, in a couple of days, and it was very comfortable, not too heavy, and provided good vision.
Did you buy yours online or at a shop? Any downsides of the Bell BA Sport Mag?

Originally Posted by Fabulozzz View Post
i have been using the AR-10 II SA2010 Helmet since august 2011 and just love it. Paid $300cdn for it. I wanted to spend around $200, but after trying a few helmets on my big head, i found the sweet spot with the HJC. I think it is worth every penny. You can remove the lining to clean it and HJC even sells replacement parts. This is not a cheap helmet. I got mine in white, the black one cost extra.

I got my helmet from a performance & racing shop. I would suggest that you do not order online unless you have already tested the helmet you are buying because we all have different heads and needs.
Do you think this helmet would last me a good 5-8 years or so? Do you have any sort of complaints with the helmet, even the littlest one? I was previously thinking about getting white since with the dark smoke visor it would match my car in a way, but I've been considering getting the black to match my rims and a blacked out look is pretty sweet anyway. Just not sure about it being rubber.. Not sure why they didnt make it glossy black but for a helmet like that, I'd get over it fairly quickly.

Originally Posted by SSpdDmon View Post
This is the one I went for. Pretty happy with it so far.

G-FORCE Pro Eliminator Helmets 3023LRGBK -
Any little problems with it? I just want to get an idea of these helmets and know for the most part, what to expect.

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