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Originally Posted by Hellobatman View Post
...Most bi-xenon factory headlights are put into high mode by the lens articulating or the fixture moving in some way allowing the beam to shift and more light directed.
ALL factory bi-xenon HID projectors use a moving shutter plate inside the projector to change from low-beam to high-beam. This is because there is more of a difference between the beams than just aim and positioning. The shape of the beam (particularly the upper cutoff) is different and simply moving the lens or housing won't provide the required different shape. The shutter has an edge with the distinct cutoff shape ____/ that blocks a portion of the light generated by the HID arc when using low-beams and creates the sharp upper cutoff of the light output. Switching to high-beams merely moves the shutter out of the way so that all the light is permitted through the lens and the resulting shape is more like that of a flashlight.

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