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My acquaintance's $17k 2011 Boss.

About 5 months ago someone I know was bragging on Facebook [pic attached] about how he just got an awesome deal on a 2011 Boss- $17,000, maybe a little more. I was immediately suspicious, wondering if HE paid 17k and his parents paid the remaining amount, or if it had been in a terrible accident or something. I thought nothing of it till I finally saw the car in person today and noticed a few weird things.

First thing I noticed was the V6 automatic exhaust (the V6 auto exhaust is different from manual, remember?). It struck me as strange that this Boss had pipes from a V6. So I look inside and I recognize the seats and steering wheel as the same as mine (base V6). Next thing I do is search the VIN and sure enough, it comes up saying "V6 Mustang."

The conversion job was half-assed: the front end's foglights and lower fascia seemed wrong. The side stripes seemed good. But the rear end gave it away, with a weird, out-of-place SVT emblem (?) and the V6 exhaust. Oh, and no black roof. The rims are also out-of-place... why put worse rims on a car than came stock? The brakes look very "V6" as well.

Can anyone spot other discrepancies? The mirrors maybe? Are the foglights always black on a Boss?

So here's the question: Does this guy really think he bought a Boss? Did someone swap base seats, steering wheel and exhaust into a real Boss? Or does he know he has a V6 and is just trying to look cool to people by claiming he paid so little for such a great car? I know you guys can't answer these, it's just interesting to ponder. My philosophy on this is that if he thinks he bought a V8 he's a dumbass for not doing his homework. If he knows he bought a V6, liked the price, and has no desire to go through the hassle of removing the stripes, that's fine- more power to him. What I really have a problem with is telling everyone you have a Boss and leading them to believe you're a master price negotiator; I also think of it as posing (I'm not a super badge nazi but this is egregious :nogrinner).

I have the VIN written down... Is there a way I can tell it's a V6 (i.e. 4th digit is a 3 or something)?

If the VIN says it's a V6, what are the chances that someone swapped in a Boss engine?

Sadly, he wasn't near the car today, so I couldn't ask him to see the engine.

Final question: If he happens to be delusional and thinks he has a V8, do I break the bad news to him?

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