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Originally Posted by jsimmons View Post
He was either duped (and hasn't been told), or he knows damn well it's not a real "Boss" and is trying to dupe everyone else.

If he was duped, someone should tell him. $17k for a used 2011 V6 isn't a very good deal (depending on options, mileage and condition of the car).

If he's knowingly trying to claim his V6 is a Boss 302, he's a douche.

Personally, I find it hard to believe that someone would try to sell a V6 as a Boss 302, especially when the hood comes up, and you see a V6 in the engine compartment. (There are a lot of V6's running around San Antonio with "Boss" C-stripes on the sides.)

Someone else commented on the wheels. I think the Boss wheels are butt ugly, but that's me. *I* would have replaced them if I bought a Boss 302.
I find that statement a little hypocritical coming from you.

Just saying.

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