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Originally Posted by hogasswild View Post
But if he believes his own BS, he might post in the forum something entitled "Boss Seems Slow" or "My Boss Lost to 5.0, What's Wrong?".
Possible, but not worth worrying about. There are enough knowledgable Mustang-heads around here to quickly sort that out. A likely starting point would be that a (real) Boss and a GT are sufficiently close in performance that the drivers could easily make all the difference in a head-to-head race.

Originally Posted by nsadams87xx View Post
The headlight deletes are there for a reason: they can be removed for air flow.
Picking nits, but on a 2012 Boss grille, they can't. I bought a Boss grille for my GT, hoping I could remove the plates to open up the holes to accept the stock fog lights. Alas, the entire grille, blanking "plates" included, is a single molded piece.

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