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Originally Posted by 5.0 Code Blue View Post
Believe it or not,when I was in high school(graduated 1985) a guy in our class wanted a car with a V-8 he allso did not know jack about cars.went to the stealership bought a used Ford Fairmont told everybody it was a V-8,it was a V-6 but he was convinced it was a V-8 because the salesman told him it this guy thinking he bought a real Boss might believe he really did if he does not know much about cars.just saying it could happen there are people out there like that.
I actually bought a 1992 Ford van with what I thought..and the salesman told me...was a 351 in it. It sure seemed like a lot of motor and didn't get very good mileage...about 10-12 mpg. I looked up the VIN (of course AFTER I bought it) and found it had a 460 in it. It was a beast. It would get the same mileage no matter what; up hill, down hill, highway, city, towing, air on, air off. Didn't matter. it just took that much gas to make the thing run.
But I learned my lesson to do better research on vehicle purchases and never believe a salesman.

2011 V6 Convertible, Premium, Red Candy, White side stripes, Pony badges on fenders, auto headlights, lower fogs coming soon.
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