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Originally Posted by 5POINTO View Post
Then the guys driving the C5's suck.

I owned a C5, stock for stock a V6 Mustang will not pass one on a road course, not even close, even a V8 Mustang would have a hard time. They are just a better balanced, lighter, smaller and have IRS. And a modded C5 can be a monster on a road course.
1. his is not even close to stock...
2. true they could have sucked
3. As per MT 82. Mine is notchy in the cold but i just double clutch for the first few minutes and it goes away.
4. I had my 3rd gear syncro replaced... Originally from day one WOT runs at the track and on the street I would be locked out of third. Like deflected. Or hit the gate. After I got the syncro replaced I have hit every third gear shift and missed it for the first time today by accident.
IMO they are solid trannys with little hic ups but most cars have something to complain about. Some early model year 2-11s had bolts backing out but as far as I know none of the newer ones have had that issue

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