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Originally Posted by 12blackgt View Post
Contrary to what everyone is saying you're fine as long as you're just resting it there.
Contrary to what you are saying, it's not fine. The OP mentioned the slight bit of play at the top of the clutch pedal travel. Part of the reason it is there is to prevent preloading the throwout bearing when the clutch pedal is fully released and ensure complete clutch disengagement when the pedal is depressed. When you rest your foot on the clutch pedal you are taking that 1/4" or so of freeplay out of the pedal and as soon as that's gone you begin loading the throwout bearing. Whether the bearing lasts 30,000 miles or 150,000 miles you are still putting an unnecessary load on the bearing and wear on the clutch. This is the same reason a clutch cable is inentionally adjusted to provide a small amount of play in the pedal.
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