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Originally Posted by 12blackgt View Post
... just as long as you don't partially engage it.
Therein lies the problem ... people are creatures of habit and will tend to do unintended things. People often speed up or slow down if they aren't 100% attentive to their speed. Studies have shown that people use more gas when listening to ie. rock music while driving because they tend to modulate their speed based on the song tempo.

[As a related side note, of interest is this short video: ]

Of course if you're "touching" the pedal isn't an issue, but the weight of your foot "resting on it" can be enough to lessen the clutch pressure. It also depends on the car; my Focus's clutch is easier to depress than the Mustang. The weight of my foot would partially depress it.

The best way to avoid it entirely is to not pick up the habit at all.

And I can't say for your driver's ed but way back when I took mine 30 years ago you "covered the brake" not the clutch. You had to pay extra to take the manual transmission drivers ed course (probably to defray the cost of clutch replacement, lol) and they told you to always keep your foot off the clutch unless you were shifting.

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