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You can get laser warnings if the sun reflects light off objects at certain angles. This happens mostly at dusk or dawn when the sun is low. There are many cars now on the road that are using blind spot warning & adaptive cruise that use radar and laser; it could be that you got in the path of one of these vehicles.
As mentioned before Escort/Beltronics detectors can start having issues and doing really funky stuff. Keep in mind they will only warranty/fix detectors bought from an "authorized dealer". So if you didn't pay $329+ for it...
Laser "jammers" are only illegal in seven states, a quick search will tell you which ones. Radar jammers are illegal in all states but aren't effective anyway.
You can get a laser detector hit if the officer shoots the car in front of you and you get some deflection from it, but this is the only way it may save you. If you are tagged with it, the detector isn't fast enough to save you. Remember that police using laser will almost always be stationary so keep your eyes alert!

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