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This post just proves nearly no one understands how their clutch works in their car. The bearing is always under spring pressure against the clutch fingers on all Mustangs since 2005. There is a spring in the slave cylinder which forces the throwout bearing against the clutch fingers all the time. Now resting your foot on it would add pressure to the spring and yes that could make it wear faster so keep your foot off. But the bearing is always turning whether foot is on it or not.

If the clutch is not slipping it is not wearing.
That spring pales in comparison to the spring that you are forcing it against when hydraulic pressure extends the slave cylinder.... Who doesn't understand it? I can compress the spring you are referring to with my hands. Try that with your pressure plate. Two totally different levels of force. That spring is to make sure the slave cylinder fully retracts and to keep it from moving without master cylinder pressure, nothing more.

Also, these are hydraulic clutches. Barely applying pressure to the clutch pedal is going to have much more affect than on a mechanical setup where you don't have a hydraulic assist.

Lastly, your clutch disc may not wear if not slipping, but you are wearing the throwout bearing and pressure plate spring fingers when riding the clutch anything more than the pedal freeplay travel.

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