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Re the Dr. Color Chip, paying $60 for a bottle of paint and a bottle of reducer is absurd.

Another concern is that chips in the paint hold wax, and I did not see any attempt to solvent clean the chip before applying the paint.

Applying the paint away from a chip makes no sense if the chip is deep enough to have gone through the clear coat and exposed the color and or primer coats.

So here is what I would do to the Dr Color Chip process:
1. Using a tooth brush and the original Dawn liquid soap (it's blue), scrub the chip and wipe the area dry;
2. Using acetone on clean rag, wipe the chip;
3a. For a shallow chip (through only one paint thickness), apply the color on the chip;
3b. For a deep chip, or a chip bigger than 1/16th in diameter, fill the chip with a body putty, wipe it smooth with a gloved thumb and let it dry, then apply the color;
4. While the color paint is still wet, wipe it smooth with a gloved thumb;
5. Let the paint dry for the recommended time;
4. Using the Dr Color Chip blending solvent, wipe off the excess paint;
5. After curing for a few days, apply a coat of wax to the repair.

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