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Originally Posted by Tim13 View Post
There isn't even enough room for one big guy in a Mustang. Sometimes, I feel like I'm wearing the car, instead of getting inside of it. Sort of like an Iron Man suit on wheels....... But, I knew this fully before I bought the car, and I'm not complaining. The car is a hoot to drive, and I'll sacrifice a lot of things for that driving experience.

That's funny, one of the big factors in deciding to buy both my '09 and '12 Mustangs was the fact that they fit good. Big-framed 6 footer here, who (call me crazy) likes driving in a relatively upright seated position.

You want to try on a really snug fitting car, slip into a few of the "sporty" rice-powered models the next time you go to a new car show.

As to the OPs few hundred pound variance, aren't those weights always based on only having the options standard for that model, and no fluids? It would be pretty hard to replicate that in the real world.

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