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Originally Posted by Mainn View Post
That's one awesome looking ride...

Shane, that'd be a good thing to offer imo.
Originally Posted by 5.0 Stallion View Post
I think that would be awesome Shane!! I'd love to see y'all carry something like that. I don't see how I could pass that up.
Originally Posted by tormenting5.0 View Post
Bags would give us a good option. I love the lowered look, with staggered rims. Hate the fact that you lose ground clearance. At least with bags, you can lift it to a driving position. And not kill the under body.
Thanks for the feedback guys! I'll definitely take a farther look into an air-ride suspension then. I can't say for sure, but we may offer something in the future!


Originally Posted by Elite_Deforce View Post
Bags on a Mustang? Uhh.. no?

What is this, Vortex?

Haha it's definitely not for everyone. Although, air-ride suspension has come a long way. You can now adjust your ride height without compromising handling, in fact your handling will actually be better than stock (at least for the v6 & GT Mustangs). That's not saying that other aftermarket handling upgrades won't be better, which they most certainly will be!


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