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coming from someone who has never been a mustang guy...the corba is one of the ugliest body styles ever produced...that is soley my opionion and i know not everyone feels that way.

also 8 years is a crap load of time and cars usually come a very lomg ways in that amount of time.

i also think you'll never see the sort of numbers that old school cars bring on anything newer the late 70's, just wont happen i dont think. i mean kbb only shows the value of that car with 80k miles in perfect condition at 16k, they apparently are that big of a collectors item, as everyone seems to think...sure maybe the market will pay more, but thats what kbb says...also they me holding thier value better then a gt of the same age, but still losing alot and its 10 years old now...i just dont see that changing ever...just my opionion though

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