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Originally Posted by vSPARXv View Post
knockoff and replicas dont look anywhere near as good as the oem gt500s
These aren't replicas, they're the FORGED 19x9.5 Shelby GT500 OEM wheels. They were only offered for a year I believe, and not sold as an accessory part, so they're very very hard to find.

The 18" version of this wheel (slightly different color) is much more common and do have replica versions as well. The 18" versions are not forged and are significantly cheaper and easier to find.

Originally Posted by FivePoint.0 View Post
Awesome. You bought a reconditioned set? If so, where from?
I bought a takeoff set from eBay with a few hundred miles on them. Paid about $900. Considering replacement cost from Ford is about $1500 a wheel, I didn't figure I did bad.

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