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Steeda UCA/Bracket issues

What a bad day. Had a cold during the weekend and I had to take sick leave for work today. Finally started feeling better this afternoon, and I decided to tackle the UCA. Bought the Steeda Adjustable Upper Arm and Heavy Duty Mount for my '11 V6. Removing the stock UCA and bracket wasn't too difficult for me. I followed the loads of instructions out there for installing a UCA from BMR, Youtube, Steeda, and various threads in this forum.

So I first decided to follow Steeda's instructions, and it contained slight errors and was lacking specifics. Several threads have mentioned it was pretty much impossible to torque down the arm-to-bracket nut, but I tried my luck and failed. I tried moving the arm into another mounting hole on the bracket, and I still couldn't torque the arm-to-bracket nut.

So then I decided to do what BMR and others have suggested, which was to torque down the nut before installing it on the vehicle. Torqued it down to "factory spec" of 129lb/ft. Having the service manual printed out, I actually couldn't find the torque value for the arm-to-bracket nut. Only the arm-to-axle or "Upper arm-to-upper arm bushing nut" had a value of 129. The upper arm bushing is in fact the axle bushing connecting to the UCA. So I torqued it down, then attempted to install it.

Now I run into a problem. For some reason the 2 rear-bracket bolts weren't lining up properly. Tried for minutes before removing it and inspecting the bracket. Apparently the bracket has warped. I loosened the nut, and the bracket seems to have returned to its shaped. However, there is a gap on one side between the bracket and sleeve+bushing. And I can't even remove the bolt. It's stuck. And I gotta say, re-installing the stock UCA was a major PITA. All that work and nothing accomplished. I think it took me more time to re-install the stock UCA than everything else.

Did I install the UCA to the bracket incorrectly? I used the two larger washer sleeves and one on each side of the bushing with large amounts of grease. I held the bolt and bracket in place and torqued the arm-to-bracket nut down to "factory spec" of 129lb/ft.

Sorry, about the lengthy post, but I just had to rant. Going to have to contact Steeda first thing tomorrow. What a nightmare. I will post pictures tomorrow of the UCA and bracket. Can't find my USB cable for the cam.

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