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That really sucks… I had a few issues installing the bracket and UCA… The instructions from Steeda show the mount for the 05 through 10 not the 11+. I went through the same hell and it added some time to install just to make sure I had it correct… plus, like you I did make a phone call the next day make sure it was correct.
I did torque the arm down to the bracket before I mounted the bracket, there is not a good way to tighten the arm to the proper torque once the bracket is mounted… Hardly enough room for an open end wrench… My biggest complaint about the arm, when its fully extended to mount in the location furthest from the axel, what do you have, maybe a half inch of threads in the adjustment nut… Too scary for me…

I don't speak often but when I do, I don't have clue what I am talking about. I just repeat things that I once heard and do not repeat them correctly... My doctor told me it was an ID 10 T problem and it was incurable.
So when I reply to a post or add to a thread I just find the words elsewhere and copy and paste.
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