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Originally Posted by 5.0ben View Post
I did test drive a 2010 manual SS and found the shifter to be in a strange position and the steering wheel fugly. The manual felt much weaker than the auto too somehow, I think due to the gearing.
The 12+ model interior is so much nicer than the 10-11 and the auto feels like a rocket.
The 2012 Camaro also got the FE4 suspension updates and handles like a dream, and the seats are much better in it than the GT. Post some pics damn it. Good trade, you stuck with a V8 and RWD, can't go wrong no matter what.

Originally Posted by 5POINTO View Post
Paddles are useless though. The ones in the Camaro have a delay that makes them a non issue to me. Paddles only work right on a dual clutch set up, not with a torque converter...
Agree completely.

He doesn't seem like he's bragging, just letting folks know. Who cares, he is a part of our community, and decided to get a different brand car, not a big deal. It's not like he joined the Aryan Brotherhood and then came here to recruit.

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