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Originally Posted by diver88 View Post
the R/T Classic I'm looking to order will be about $4300 less than a comparably equipped GT. ...with less attitude from the dealer too.
that is coming from a challenger and the only thing i thinknit has on the mustang is the tranny and irs...other then that its drab interior fading dated look and retarded 40 year old motor design, just doesnt cut it and thus why im switching...BUT you do get a ton of features for your money, more room and a look a ton of people still like.

oh just be aware due to dodge being jack asses and completely ignoring the performance crowd, options for parts are limited and dodge does not support that breaker for some and to others doesnt mean anything.

good luck with your r/ suggest a used srt at the least, but a 392 is the way to go... ;-)

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