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Originally Posted by 5.0ben View Post
That is your opinion. I personally like the Camaro look a little more than the Stang.
The 07-09 GT500 is awesome but not great for a daily imo(have driven one). The 10-12 Gt500 is awesome but out of my price range.
The 13' GT500 is the way to go but that's way out of my price range
Just to clarify, I didn't mean any kind of offense. I think its pretty brave of you to come on here, knowing you'd probably get flamed.

If you like your car, who am I to complain? In the end, its all about YOU liking it. I used to DD my gt500. It wasn't a LOT of fun, but it wasn't too bad either. The ridiculous torque made driving so easy. I could be in 6th at 30mph and 1,100rpm and still accelerate faster than most cars around me.

Anyway, I wouldn't go with a '13 unless you love the look or something. .4l and a tvs is not worth 20 grand. Especially when a similarly modded 07-12 will have within 10hp of a 13.

Hell, for that 20k, I could buy a tougher short block and a 3.6KB and put down 900, provided my transmission doesn't blow up.

I never liked the mt-82 or whatever. I drove my buddies 5.0 and it was trash... he only had like 6k miles on the car. TR-6060 is the way to go. Yeah, 1-2 can be a little hazy, but it is tough as nails.

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