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I never understood the brand bias thing. Ford is a corporation! They don't hive a damn about you as an individual. They offer a great car, the Mustang, at a relatively affordable price. Guess what, so do Chevy and Dodge.

All 3 CEO's wouldn't drop a $5 dollar bill to save your life. So what's with the loyalty? I've always gone with the best car that I can afford at the time. I love the Camaro, its sexy as hell, the only thing that kept me away was the weight. Same with the Challenger. Of the 3 , the Mustang comes in 3rd place as far as looks go IMO.

If the next Gen Camaro sheds a few hundred pounds , I would most definitely consider buying one. Or if Dodge releases the Barracuda and it doesn't tip the scales, I would have no issue buying one of those either.

Its just downright goofy to hate on someone because they bought a different brand car then you. It's like the guys that get into physical fights over sports teams, it's like...... come on guys are you for real? You're fighting over a team of millionaire's who have zero loyalty ,other than to the highest bidding generally Manager/ team owner. These athletes don't care about you or your city, and you're fighting over them ? Same thing, equally as idiotic

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