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Originally Posted by spitfire009 View Post
Or is it just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide

Originally Posted by F91 View Post
I'm plenty calm. And objective. If I bought a Raptor, I'm going to go to the Raptor forum and hang out. If I bought a WRX, I'd join there. The obvious point is that I would share a common goal: Learn and share about the car that I have common to the group. There shouldn't be an expectation that I would have the slightest interest in a Camaro here. I don't. I don't expect camaro 5 guys to like Mustangs. They don't. I'm cool with that. What's next? A mod section for the SS? Is this place so PC that I have to care about everyones car, regardless of make? Any way, If anyone buys and Evoque, be sure to post, I'm all ears.
Ironic comment coming from a Mustang owner that whores his car out on Camaro 5....just saying...

Originally Posted by z28th1s View Post
I wouldn't even trade my MT82 '11 3.7 V6 for an auto L99 Camaro, but as long as you are happy that is all that matters.
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