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Choice 2:

If I do this buying a mustang all over again mine would be simple…
300a, Automatic, Brembo brake option, 3.55 gears, color doesn’t matter, GHG just for giggles… Brake package, just in case I want to road race the car…
Cheaper car, extra money would be spent on FRPP 624HP blower kit… Change the pulley and throttle body, CAI and custom dyno tune… For another 1200 more, replace LCA, UCA and bracket and upgrade to aluminum drive shaft 2k for drag wheels and tires… Done… 10 second car at altitude.
Cost, less than 43K… if you want to change the sound… another what 600 for axel backs…

What I have in the Boss… A ton spent on Tune, CAI, Throttle Body, Headers to and Axel Backs, 430 Rear Gears, Aluminum Drive Shaft, LCA, UCA and Bracket and MGW shifter, drag wheels and tires… All to run low 12’s at altitude… Around 48K

hindsight really sucks

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