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Originally Posted by hogasswild View Post
If we could only get you guys to update Sync.
I hear you loud and clear, hogasswild. I pass along your feedback to our engineers.

Originally Posted by DerekStangGT View Post
Hi Jaclyn,

While you're answering questions, I thought I would ask one. Many times when I start my car, even after having just turned it off to run into a store, SYNC suddenly doesnt recognize my Ipod that's plugged in, even though it might have been just working. I try to unlug everything and re-connect, and sometimes it works, but mostly it doesn't. Is this a known issue? Do I need an update?
Hi, DerekStangGT -

When this happens, have you tried giving the voice command USB? I'll be happy to check for an available update, please PM me your VIN.



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