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Originally Posted by 281Jimmy View Post
They said to launch @ 3200 and heat up the drag radials real good.
Man, I don't know about launching at 3200. That's awful high for an auto.

I think they're too many absolutes when talking about launching a car. Weather, track location and prep, how your car reacts to mods.

Below is a video of my old G8 GXP with a 3200 yank stall. I couldn't launch it over 2200 because I would blow the run, even after heating up the Nitto NT05R drag radials really good, I couldn't get out of the hole due to excessive wheel spin. The one thing about this video is that I learned something else about my car. I was chasing 11's with just bolt ons (3200 stall, tune by Patrick G in Victoria Tx, long tubes, cai, and the Nitto drag radials) and thought I had found my sweet spot to launch the car, which was around 2000. After staging, I would rev it up to 2000, then haul azz on the last amber. If you watch this video closely, you will see that for some reason or another (Royal Purple Houston) they gave me a pro light, and I had to leave from off idle. All of my high 11's (5 of them, best of 11.91) came from leaving off idle.

I think 3200 is way too much and remember, spinning ain't winning. Get your tune updated, go to the track and don't worry about any car but your own, and find that sweet spot. If you have Nitto's, then you really need to heat them up for them to hook, but trust me, the Nitto's will hook if heated up properly.

Just remember, off idle may be your sweet spot.........but it takes trial and error to find it, and just because 2000 is your sweet spot on night, doesn't mean it will be your sweet spot the next week.

I tried to link a video, but after the video played, it went to a menu with more videos. I hate it when they make changes and you can't link a video. It could be because HTML is off. PM me if you want to view the video and I'll send you a link.
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