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2010 Mustang GT Shaker 500 system whining and popping

First off I have the stock Shaker 500 sound system with no aftermarket modifications nor do I plan to do any. When I hit the power button on the head unit to turn it on there is a screeching/whining noise emanating from the speakers/subs. It isn't always from the same speakers/subs. The noise doesn't vary based on speed or any other consistent cause. Also when I turn the head unit off all the speakers "pop" which sound like they just blew. The screeching/whining noise will also sometimes persist even when the car is completely off (positive and negative battery cables still connected). One other strange occurrence is that the external temperature reading on the head unit will constantly stay at 50 degrees no matter the temperature and sometimes when I first start the car it will count all the way down to -40 degrees then reset back to 50.

This all just start two weeks ago. At first it was intermittent but now it is every time I turn the head unit on. I called around to a few local shops and none of them will touch the stock sound systems in Mustangs unless they are going to replace them with aftermarket. I called the local Ford dealerships and my answers were either "We don't service any stereo systems (Mach/Shaker) in those vehicles" or "Bring it in and we will take a look at it" (which usually means it will cost me more for them to screw it up then it would for me to just replace everything). Some suggestions (Not specific to the Shaker 500) I've seen online so far is that the amp could be bad, bad connection/corrosion on battery, or the head unit is going bad.

With all that being said, has anyone ran into this issue yet or have any suggestions? Ultimately the Shaker system works just fine for my taste so I'm trying to avoid any aftermarket setups. Sorry for the long post, just trying to be detailed.

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