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Originally Posted by old_goat View Post
Hopefully it won't rain tomorrow and I will get a chance to race in probably -1000 DA.

I've never raced my Stang in negative DA before and I can't hardly wait.

Right now (9:35 pm) the weather is right at -1000 DA, and the temp and humidity is supposed to be about the same tomorrow, but there's about a 25% chance of rain.

Just a quick note that we can only race at Royal Purple Raceway, near Houston, on Friday nights. Hopefully everybody will be watching Texas A & M kick the crap out of Oklahoma, and the wait won't be as bad as it normally is.

I just got my mods put on, see signature, and I'm waiting to see if the mods do what I hope they will do. With the mods and weather, a 12.5 would sure be sweet, but I'm still early in the manual shifting learning curve, and I'm basically still learning the car.

I sure wish I already had my drag radials, but that will come.
good luck tomorrow! Im jealous you get to go to the track tomorrow, I got a foot of snow here in NY and its been in the 20's the last week....I have to wait til april-ish til i get to go to the track

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