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Originally Posted by 87WhiteOut View Post
Etn you can do it for $800 easly. My buddy put NX kit on with purge,remote opener,heater and guage for mid $800's. His car ran 12.8-12.9 @ 103mph and with 125 shot he went 11.8 @ 113mph in a LX hatch. Look around alot of companies will cut a deal with you buy a package,but i have seen some $1000 and up kits
i was hoping to buy Zex wet shot system, purge kit, rpm window switch, and bottle heater...i didnt plan to buy guages and remote openers and this and that if i really dont need it...if i have extra money, then i will

Originally Posted by Matt-Culpepper View Post
I ended the year pretty solid. I made about 40 clean passes that were all better than my previous best.

ended up running a [email protected] a few weeks ago but I had to dig deep to get there.
Turbo 4 Mustang Idle Vid Plus 9sec Pass - YouTube
in a 4 banger? wow, impressive...i have to say, im not a fan of any 4 cylinder cars but i give you props, thats silly fast

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