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It's hard to explain without going into full detail, so, I just will! I pulled my stock head unit out and cut the stock wiring harness so one end was still connected to the radio and the other end went to the speakers in the car. I then connected speaker wire to the end that was still connected to my head unit to the MS-8. I believe the MS-8 is s great processor. I am an audiophile and I actually do pro audio for work. I then ran the output of the MS-8 to my jl amp then back up to the other end of the cut wiring harness so I didn't have to replace the wiring in the doors(I heard its a pain). The ms-8 has a sub out so I of course ran RCA to my sub amp. I ran one power cable from my battery back to the truck and daisy chained everything together off that one line. It took me a few days to get everything done and tuned. I ran all the cables down the passenger side of the car under the carpet by the door.

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