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Subwoofer replacement for 2005 V6 Shaker 500

My mom has a 2005 V6 Convertible with a Shaker 500 system in it, we have had nothing but problems coming from the door speakers, I have looked and looked and have not found any answers online. The 2 subs in the doors and the oval speakers have had nothing but problems from just stop working to them tearing and causing that flapping noise when a speaker blows. We think they keep going out because they are the crappy OEM ones and the replacement we have gotten were also OEM speakers, and the fact that it is a convertible and driven alot might cause vibration on the speaker besides the magnet moving it. So I want to know, what is the best speaker (that is not too expensive) to replace the 8" subs and the oval speakers above them?

I am also going to be replacing her stereo unit at the same time, I plan on leaving the stock amps, is there any stereo units that would work best with the stock amp/speaker configuration?

Just having trouble figuring out what speakers are shallow enough to fit in the door, and what oval speakers would go good with them. I also am just optomestic about the stock amps working well with a new stereo unit. I want to spend under ~$400 for the 2 subs, 2 oval speakers (or maybe 2 more to replace the rear ones while I am at it) and the stereo deck.

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