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For a while I only had the JLT CAI, Stock manifold and Bama 93 Race tune. Few months ago a friend of mine ordered a BBK 85mm TB. We installed it first in my car and did a dyno test vs the baseline with JLT CAI and Bama 93.

BBK resulted in a tiny 6rwhp gain at high rpm. My baseline 391rwhp went up to 397rwhp after 6250rpm.

I just recently purchased an Accufab 85mm (I paid only $380 for a second hand unit with only 1000 miles in it) and a Boss 302 manifold (again second hand with 2000 miles for only $350). The Accufab is already installed on stock manifold but not dynoed yet. I will dyno once i install the boss manifold too.

What i can say is that Accufab is a way better built and incredibly sexy looking TB. The TB response is far superior than BBK. It really is almost like instant response from the engine. But the best way to install it is with a 3" to 4" step down coupler. It has a gigantic air intake opening that no standard CAI coupler will fit.

Honestly I'd still keep accufab even if it had provided no gains at all. The looks on a boss intake is amazing. The build quality makes your mouth water. The TB response is no way comparable to BBK. Driving is definitely more fun.

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