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Ok so ive been learning some stuff on the interwebz and I feel im a bit over my head for wiring all this together. So I have a 4 channel amp with the 801s and im not trying to spend more money than necessary especially since this is a learning curve for me.

That being said what im getting from sites is I should power my 4 speakers just with a 4channel amp. like I said before I don't want to buy more than needed and want to make do with what I have. So ive been reading about wiring in series or parallel to only use 2 of the 4 channels in the amp. Leaving the last two to be bridged and run my sub.

So am I on the right track with each channel @4ohms running 200w if I split two of the channels @4ohms my watts per channel should drop to 100w per speaker? And if I do two 4 ohm speakers parallel I drop to 2 ohms to that channel and @ 400w @2ohms I drop to 200w per speaker? If so I can run a decent sub all day @ 2ohms bridged off the last two channels and power infinitys all the way around off the other two channels?
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