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Originally Posted by TMX View Post
I don't run the sportlines specifically, but I am lowered about an inch all around with a Roush kit. Having a set of 15x8 Racestars with control arms and the lower control arm brakets in the back with MT ET Streets made a big difference for me. Still running 19" wheels up front. I did control arms and tires at the same time, so I'm not sure which helped the most. A 15x10 won't fit without modifying the sway bar bracket (cutting and welding). Are you auto or manual and which gears are they? I know a 275/60-15 28" drag radial will fit a 1" drop, not sure bout 1.5-2" drops. A 275/50-15 26" drag radial should fit since it's 1" smaller than stock. I have a 26" on mine and it fills the wheel well less than the stock tires. At most, I would run a 17x10, but not an 18+. Drop them to about 20psi and try it out.

The springs don't allow good weight transfer, so you'll spin more. Just get a really good drag radial like Micky Thompson, Hoosier, or M&H. I realized lowered isn't ideal, but it looks nicer, it corners great, and I don't race enough to justify riding 4x4 all the time.
"LIKE". I'm not the person that says it can't be done.......I'm the person who make suggestions that would be safe so yes to clear what I was trying to say..........low profile tires and drag racing don't mix.

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