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Originally Posted by Blue Max View Post
I'm not trying to make this a big deal or anything but I think a lot of people would be disappointed by the hype for $500.
I mean look, you've got headers, everything and with the exception on the high flow intake manifold. For $500 I want more than 12hp.
I do realize that mod are not one plus one equals 2. But I dont like things being hyped.
I do hope to see you pick up at least 10hp with the boss intake. good luck.
Originally Posted by Blue Max View Post
No doubt I do spend money on sound but going in I know that's all to expect, not 20hp/16fttq because no one is claiming that. It would appear that someone here is claiming huge gains for the TB.
Again, no wars - Just saying if it looks bad ass, gives you 6-10hp, that's great. Don't go claiming 20hp.
I do stand behind those peak numbers I posted, not hype. Your trying to eyeball a jpeg vs me having access to the raw data and being able to play through the two runs and plot on a computer the EXACT difference between two points. Peak gains of 20rwtq and 15rwhp were plotted out on a computer, not me digging a number out my ass. Just sharing my experience not trying to over hype the mod.

I'm thinking I will pick up around 20hp with the boss IM and I'm ok with 10hp. Peak gains are cool but not my goal, What I am after is improve the situation where the stock intake starts falling on its face after about 6200 rpm and fix some of the dips around 5500. The boss intake should have the car still making power until I change gears around 7500 rpms vs it falling flat as it does today. quite frankly if I accomplish that without any peak gains I would be satisfied.

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