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Originally Posted by Evoto5oh View Post
Did you look at the pictures? Clearly shows a metal bracket and some black box that would make it impossible to put a unit in any higher.

Yeah, 2100$, plus probably a couple more hundred if you can't install the stuff yourself. ESPECIALLY steep considering it isn't actually plug and play.

$600 just for the dash kit is astronomical. And that unit is probably the only one that fits I would imagine? I'm sure others have 8" screens in the works, if not already out there...haven't looked.
Probably as it's designed, but I work with electronics for a living and that housing could easily be modifed to accomodate a cross member bracket to put the larger LCD on top. And there is NO WAY that housing needs to be that big. I manufacture avionics for Boeing and the main pod for avionics in the 757 is much smaller than what's pictured.
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