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Originally Posted by beezer1519 View Post
Ok so i've found plenty of write ups on how to's and removal procedures. But unfortunately I have no idea on what type of speakers or sub to get. I already have a sub I bought from a friend because he had no use for it and 2400w sounded like a good deal for under a hundred dollars.

Amp- is a rockford fosgate 801s

Need ideas for 4 speakers to replace stocks since i think i blew one already lol. I'm thinking Infinity

And for a sub i'm thinking a single 12" something like an l7.

I want to keep the stock Head Unit.

what all would i need as far as a kit/wire for amp, and would i need to replace wire harness out for the stock wiring harness. Actually if ya'll wouldn't mind can someone give me all the accessories needed to make this work?

thank you and I hope to learn a lot.

I'm not afraid of doing the install myself actually i'm definitely going to do it myself I rather tear my new car apart myself
Just finished with upgrading my boys 13 V6 audio system for under $750 and it sounds fantastic. Both door and rear deck speakers replaced with Pioneer TS-6802R coaxials. MTX loaded and amp'd thunderform in the trunk and what really made those pioneers sing was adding an Alpine KTP-445U amp to the HU. That little amp is wonderful and it fits right underneath the radio. You can set the gain and crossover through the alpine to fine tune the sound and the extra wattage really cleans up the highs and mids. The MTX in the trunk adds plenty of thump and has plenty of power keep up with the pioneers.

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