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Last night I went back out to my 'home track', Royal Purple near Houston. I'm pretty sure by now that I'm in my comfort zone with racing the car. Here are the runs.

12.55 @ 113.61..........1.980
12.56 @ 112.97..........2.041
12.57 @ 113.28..........2.058
12.64 @ 113.44..........2.085
12.76 @ 112.72..........2.076

Basically I ran the same at night at RPR as I ran in the day at Evadale. The DA on my best run was at -339 and was the first run of the night. There was no heat soak on the car as the runs were around 45 minutes apart. Last night, even though the DA was in the negative, the humidity was very high.

I think that I may have maxed out making runs on the stock tires. I've made 4 runs with 1.9XX sixty foot times and it seems I'm just beating on the car without getting good results. Now, I'm not arrogant enough to think that a better driver wouldn't get better results, however I think a really good manual driver may get my car into the 12.4's, but not into the 12.3's.

So, unless we get some really dry and cold air, I may be done for this season, unless I decide to purchase some drag radials.
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