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this just happened to me

I was driving about 35-40 and had just gone in to 4th gear. My 2012 v6 suddenly swerved to the left really hard and then to the right. Traction control light was flashing. Seemed like I got a flat and that my car was braking all by itself. I tried to throttle up a second later to get out of traffic and it had no response. When pulling over I hit the brakes and they felt rough and like the abs was engaging. Once stopped I checked the tires and all were fine. I turned off the engine and waited a second. Turned it back on and all seems fine. This made me almost crash in to another car!!!! Luckily none of my kids were in the car. 30 minutes prior I was doing 65 on the freeway with my son in the car. That would have been really bad.... I called ford and mentioned what had happened and they came across as its the first they've heard of this. I told them about the forums having a ton of comments about this and that it appears to be because of a badly placed abs wire by the exhaust. I have an appt on monday morning. So I will see what happens. I am driving this car from CA to CO on the 11th and I am actually scared now.....
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