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Somehow, the only person I am able to trust as far as my car is concerned is Deysha... This is the first post addressing my transmission issues that started some 2 weeks ago.
Background: Stock 2011 Mustang GT CS,very easy going driver,pretty much one of those that drives very normal,without any form of abuse toward the car.
last Tuesday,at about 7.AM I walked out to my driveway to move the Mustang so I could pull my truck out,walking back up my driveway, I noticed a 6" X 9" spot of transmission oil.
Took it to the dealer, was told the following day it was a fill tube that had come loose,at this time I also asked the service adviser to address the grinding 2/3 issues I have been getting since the car was pretty much new ( I had mentioned this to him the first time I was there for my first oil change,his response then was " we'll wait and see till it gets worse,it could be that the tranny is new and breaking in"
Since then, it has progressively gotten worse,I also mentioned this concern to the shop manager,and was told they are waiting for FORD to instruct them on approach... Tube that had to be replaced arrived some 4 days later and they proceed to replace it.
During follow up conversations with the shop manager,he told me that ALL ford suggested to do regarding the crunching issues was to fill the tranny with a thinner viscosity tranny oil,which they did... it is marginally, at best somewhat better...but the crunching is still there, shifting from 1 to 2nd is still pronounced,less so shifting into 3, and a slight nibble slipping into 4th gear.
I kept Deysha posted throughout this period, she suggested I call Customer care and get a case number, which I did.
When I picked the car Friday, the shop foreman came out to take me for a ride,and he was the one that drove it,telling me the crunching is now gone.
The tranny is definitely not repaired as far as I am concerned,regardless of what the shop foreman says, and I am NOT happy in the least... I had suggested they should at least open the tranny and look at synchros ( grinding, especially 2 gear cannot be good for any synchro) but again was told all FORD suggest to do was change the thinner tranny oil.
Initially, when the service adviser called me on Tues to tell me the car was ready for pick up,turns out the shop tech had no yet wanted to release it,he was in the process of making a clutch bleeding pump, so he could bleed out the clutch ( when I went to pick the car up, the clutch pedal was almost all the way down, pumped it a few times, and that brought it up,so the car was left there.
start it up, wait at least 8 to 10 minutes for it to warm up,slip it into first (notchy) drive off keeping revs quite low and shift 2... no matter how I shift ( slower pause, then continue to engage 2, or double clutch it, the grind is still there).
Deysha was kind enough to bring this issue to,I believe an engineer's attention, so I am hoping FORD will take a much closer look at what REALLY is going on with me transmission.
I wanted to give the dealership the benefit of the doubt,and all the time they needed, which is almost 2 weeks to the day...This needs to be escalated Deysha to the proper Ford dept... as it now stands,I'm still not happy with how this tranny shifts,and grinding is not a desirable feature.
I supplied you my info, including my phone number, if there is any other info you require,please let me know and I'll be more than happy to oblige.
Thanks for all the help so far Deysha.
Red, hopefully this offers you some insight regarding your transmission issues,sorry for the long post.

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